Our Commitment to your Family我们对你家庭的承诺:

Progress Report 进展报告

At any time during the year, you may ask one of your child's teachers to discuss your child's progress at more length than the daily schedule allows. Our teachers are constantly monitoring your child's well-being and development and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this either in person or by telephone at a mutually convenient time.

一年中的任何时候, 如果你觉得很需要, 不必拘泥日程时间表的安排, 你可以随时向你孩子的老师讨论有关你孩子发展情况,我们的老师会经常地观察和反馈你孩子的表现和进展, 同时也欢迎家长在双方便利的时间内个人来电.

Special Activities 特殊活动

Throughout the tear, the staff program special trips and activities. Parent volunteers are often required to make these trips possible. A consent form is required for each trip (Which may include travel on T.T.C. or school bus) and must be signed beforehand.


Communication 互动交流

Every term or month your child will bring home a newsletter and calendar. These will tell you about upcoming events, important dates to remember, themes and trips.