We're your friends.我们是你的朋友.
We're putting you first.我们以你们为先.
We do everything for you.我们为你们做一切.
Our dear children! 我们亲爱的孩子们!

As early childhood educators, we believe that keeping children healthy and safe is the primary focus, and also must be aware of child development stages to plan activity program appropriately. The children can have opportunities to develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. 作为幼儿早期教育者,我们坚信保持幼儿的健康和安全是最主要的,并且懂得在孩子不同发展阶段的特点适当地设计活动计划.这样孩子们就能有机会发展他们的社交,感情,生理和认知等技能.

Mandarin Child Care Centre of Toronto多伦多国语幼儿园:

We share with parents the important role of raising children. We see the child as part of a family that has trusted him/her to our centre. We therefore support both the child and family through the very important early years of the child's life. 我们与父母分担培养孩子这一重要任务. 我们认为每一个家庭把孩子送来这里,是源于对我们的信任。因此我们致力于扶助这些孩子的最早的人生阶段,我们知道,这样的工作对孩子和他们的家庭同样重要。

We recognize the diversity of our society. We feel that children benefit from experiencing that diversity within a caring child care.我们认识到社会的多样性.我们觉得孩子们将从我们这一经验丰富并具多样化的幼儿看护中收益.

Look at each child as special and unique; worthy of our attention and respect. To this end, we provide positive, age appropriate guidance for problem solving, thus allowing opportunities for every child to learn non-violent communication and co-operation.我们视每一个孩子都是特别的和独特的,并且值得我们的关注和尊敬.我们提供积极的,与他们年龄相符的解决问题的指导,因而为每个孩子提供了学习友善的交流和合作的机会.

Our play-based curriculum allows each child to discover, explore, create and relate to others within an encouraging environment. The children learn responsibility and self-discipline, which help to build a positive self-esteem.我们的游戏基础课程允许每个孩子在一个鼓励的环境中去发现,探索,创造和与他人的交往.孩子们将学会责任和自律来帮助他们建立积极的自信.

Help children to become aware of the rights and needs of others. Our involvement with the community around us allows children to learn about themselves in relationship to others in different circumstance.

Respect each other; the staff has chosen to work as a collective group. All staff has equal voice in all decision-making. Reasonability for operation of the program is shared by all.

Respect our parents; so we meet with them regularly as a group and as individual families. On a daily basis we keep the informed about their children.

Concerned about the future of Early Childhood Education, so we provide opportunities for volunteer to get the experience and reference. The staff also participates in professional development.
关注幼儿早期教育的未来,所以我们为自愿者提供机会得到经验和推荐. 职员也参加专业的教育培训.

Keep the early childhood environment clean and tidy; health and safety. Creating an environment that supports the developmental needs of the child. Act professionally, as expected in an early childhood setting.
保持环境的清洁和整齐,健康和安全。创造一个支持幼儿发展需要的环境, 专业化地实施, 达到期望中的幼儿早期教育环境标准。

Come to us, our dear children! We're your friends. We can do everything for you if you like! 来吧!亲爱的孩子们! 我们是你们的朋友. 如果你们喜欢, 我们可以为你们做一切!