Our Commitment to your Family我们对你家庭的承诺:


A nutritious afternoon snack is provided for Weekday After School Program, and also it is possible for weekend art class if the parent asks. Alternative menu item can be arranged for children with allergies or dietary restrictions. Our weekly menus are posted on the Parent Information Board. Copies of the four weekly menus are available to take home.

我们为平日校后班提供营养的下午点心, 同样我们也应家长的要求为周末美术班提供同样的服务.那些具有过敏性和对食物有限制性要求的孩子可得到另供选择的食物清单.我们每周的食物清单张贴在家长信息版上,四周的食物清单的复印件家长可带回家中.

Please note: We are a peanut and nut-free centre. Please do not bring any outside food or drinks into the centre.