What We Ask of You 我们对家长的要求

Late Pick-up Policy 迟接政策

Every different program has particular closing time. If you expect to be late, please call as soon as possible. Late charges apply to anyone arriving after each program closing time. Late charges are as follows examples: 每一个不同活动都有特指的结束时间. 如果你认为会迟到, 请尽可能提早通知我们. 迟到的收费针对每一位课后晚到者.

3:30pm - 6:00pm After School Program校后班(Weekday)
6:05pm - 6:30pm - $5.00 / 0.5hr
6:30pm onward - $5.00 / 0.5hr
During the late time at the weekday, the teacher will care your child until you come. 在平日迟到期间, 老师将照顾你的孩子直到你来.

1:00pm - 2:00pm Marker drawing Class简笔画班(Weekend)
2:10pm - 2:30pm - $5.00 / 0.5hr
2:30pm onward - $5.00 / 0.5hr
During the late time at the weekend, if it is possible, the teacher will let your child go to another art class until you come. 在周末迟到期间, 如果有可能, 老师将把你的孩子安排在另外一个美术课堂里直到你来.

Late fines are not part of regular fees and are paid directly to the staff member who has had to care for your child. 迟到的罚金不属于正常的费用中,将直接支付给不得不照看你孩子的老师.

If your child has not been picked up after the closing time 4hrs, and attempts to reach either a parent or emergency contact person have failed, the child care centre is required by law to contact the Children's Aid Society. 如果你的孩子在活动结束后四小时还没有人接, 我们也努力和家长或紧急情况联系人联系失败, 幼儿园必需按法律与社会幼儿援助组织联系.