What We Ask of You 我们对家长的要求

Illness & Medication 生病和服药

If your child is ill (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting, eye discharge or contagious disease) he or she should not attend. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms during the class, you will be asked to pick him/her up. The staff will make every effort to keep your child comfortable while waiting for you to collect your child, and monitor their symptoms. 如果你的孩子病了(也就是腹泻,呕吐,眼疾或传染性的疾病)他或她是不能来上课的.如果你的孩子在上课期间显示出这些征兆, 你将被要求将他或她接走. 老师将尽每一份努力保持你孩子的舒适并监视他们的症状直到你接到你的孩子.

Staff will administer prescription medication only. The medication MUST be in the original pharmacy container and clearly labeled. Non-prescription drugs can only be administered with an accompanying doctor's note. This note should be dated and specify the exact amount, type and frequency of the drug. A medication form must be completed for each medication. Parents are responsible for signing the medication form EACH DAY that the medication is required. Please make sure that the medicine I stored in the correct locked box (refrigerated or non-refrigerated). Our full medication and illness policies are available on the Parent Information Board. 老师只是执行药物的规定.药物必须装在有明显标签的原始制药容器中.没有处方的药物必须附随有医生的注释才能执行.这种注释必须有时间和详细说明实际的用量,类型和服药的频率.一张药物表格只针对一种药物.家长的责任是每天必须在药物上表格上签字注明该药物是必须服用的.

Please note:
No fee will be refunded for sick days and vacation days.
Except: Two weeks refund - sick for more than one month (4 weeks) with presentation of doctor's notes or the drugs prescription.
请注意: 生病和度假期间学费不予退款.