Our Commitment to your Family我们对你家庭的承诺:

Health & Safety 健康和安全
  • In accordance with the Public Health department, parents are required to complete an immunization form for their child prior to admission. (Weekday After School Program Only)
  • The General Information Form has questions relating toallergies and your child's medical history. Allergy charts are stored and posted in the kitchen and classroom.

  • Our staff work hard to create a safe but stimulating environment, but occasionally accidents do happen. Minor accidents are recorded and staff will fully communicate the circumstances of the incident either by phone, or at pick-up time. 我们职员为创建一个健康和谐的环境而努力工作,但有时候意外事件也会发生.我们会记录下小的意外事件并在电话或接领时间内向你详细描述当时发生的情景

  • In the case of a more serious accident, the centre will notify parents immediately and transport the child to the nearest hospital receiving emergencies. (Weekday After School Program Only)遇到比较严重的意外事件,我们将会马上通知家长并把孩子送到最近医院的急诊室.
  • Our staff keeps up-to-date emergency numbers and a cellular telephone with them at all times. For this reason, please be sure that the child centre has on file: 我们的职员随时保持着更新的紧急事件联系电话号码和手机号码.由于这个原因,请你确定你的联系方式在我们的档案之中:
  1. Up-to-date home/work/school telephone numbers.更新家庭/工作/学校的电话号码

  2. The names and telephone numbers of one other adults who can be reached in an emergency.除了家长以外的另外一个紧急事件联系人的名字 和电话号码
  3. Your child' health card number and his family doctor name and contact telephone number. 你孩子的健康卡号及家庭医生姓名及电话号码
  4. A signed emergency Transportation and Treatment card.已签字的紧急事件输送和处理卡片