What We Ask of You 我们对家长的要求

Clothing & Toys 服饰和玩具

Your child will need to bring suitable outdoor clothing for the weather if we have outdoor activities including footwear that allows for safe climbing and running at the playground. We provide a pair of comfortable, non-slip shoes for indoor activities. Younger children sometimes enjoy a small soft toy from home to help them settle down; school-age children often enjoy a favorite book. These items can be brought in and put on the "home shelf" which is near the centre entrance until pick-time. Otherwise, please leave all other toys at home.

如果我们有户外写生活动, 你的孩子需要带上适当的户外活动服饰包括允许他们在操场上安全的攀登和奔跑的鞋子.我们提供一双舒适的,不滑的室内鞋.年龄较小的孩子有时喜欢一些小的、柔软的玩具来帮助他们平静下来;上学年龄的孩子常常喜爱拥有一本自己中意的书.这些东西可以带来,在接领时间之前被放置在进口处的"家庭搁柜"里.另外,请将所有其它的玩具留在家中.

Birthday and other Celebrations 生日和其它的庆典

We would like to celebrate your child' birthday at the centre. If you wish to send in a cake that can be shared with your child's classmates at snake time, we ask that you bring in a Delicious birthday cake which is prepared in a nut-free factory. At the same time, we will send your child a fancy birthday card. 我们愿意在幼儿园庆祝您孩子的生日. 如果你希望在点心时间送来蛋糕让您的孩子和同学们一起分享, 我们邀请您带来已准备好的美味无坚果生日蛋糕. 同时,我们将送给您小孩一份精美的生日卡片.

We celebrate major holidays like Easter, Christmas and Chinese New Year, however, we welcome the opportunity to learn about and join other cultural and religious festivals. If you would like to share a special festival with, please let us know! 我们庆祝主要的节日, 象复活节、圣诞节和中国新年,不管如何,我们欢迎各种学习和加入其它文化和宗教节日的机会,请让我们知道!

Parental Involvement 家长参与

You are encouraged to attend the Annual General New Year Party where you might like to volunteer. Our annual meeting is reviewed and staffs give report. There are numerous other ways to get involved with the centre. Field trips, fundraising, demonstrating a skill or hobby etc are all fun ways to participate in the program and strengthen the relationship between staff, parents and children. Let us know how you would like to get involved. 你被鼓励参加一年一度的常规社交会,在那里你可以充当一名义工。我们一年一度的会议是一种回顾,所有职员给予汇报。另外有更多的方法您可以参与我们的活动,如实地考察旅行、筹款募捐、技能和业余爱好表演等等都是一些有趣的形式来参与职员、家长和孩子们的活动。让我们知道你是多么愿意参与!