What We Ask of You 我们对家长的要求

Arrival & Pick-up Times到达和接领时间

Please try to arrive at the centre before the program particular time, so that your child can participate in all our programmed activities. If your child was absent, please inform us early. If you are dropping off your child to our centre during outdoor art class time, it is important that you let a staff member know your child has arrived; likewise, at pick-up time let a staff member know that your are taking your child.


Please call the centre if 请打电话给我们:

1. Someone other than a parent will be collecting your child
2. You will be picking your child up early
3. Your child will not be attending that day

Please note请注意:
1. Has not been named as an authorized pick-up person 没有授权命名的接领者
2. Is under 14 years of age 14岁以下的人